About Me

Catherine Cruzz headshot image from Holidays in the Kitchen podcast

Passion Turned into Project…

Figuring out how to combine a few of my favorite things, holidays & the kitchen wasn’t a hard.

Giving up the security of my day job is a whole different story.

Over the years I’ve grown to truly appreciate such a wide variety of holidays events and occasions!

Who knew there was a Marine Corps Birthday or National Spaghetti DayOpens in a new tab. and even a National Just Because Day?

Those were just a few of the holidays and occasions I found myself in the kitchen creating treats and goodies for as I began my journey into the over 2,000 days a year we have the opportunity to celebrate.

I’d like to personally thank everyone who visits Holidays in the KitchenOpens in a new tab. and looks in on my journey of learning and sharing all of the reasons we have to celebrate.

I hope you find something that makes you smile, piques your interest or find something worth sharing with someone you love.