Best Microwave-Safe Plates for the Holidays

microwave safe plates with a santa Christmas theme on them

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When it comes to serving holiday meals your plate choices can matter as much as the food you put on the plates. If you’re looking for a list of the best microwave-safe plates for the holidays, you’re going to love this post!

The 10 best microwave-safe plates for the holidays:

  • Lenox Balsam Lane Set
  • Bico Toile de Jouy Winter Wonderland Set
  • Piatti Naturali Christmas Pattern Set
  • Bico Nordic Village Set
  • Lenox Balsam Lane Tidbit Plate Set
  • Pfaltzgraff Winterberry Set
  • Gibson Home Christmas Toile Set
  • American Atelier Holiday Set
  • Johnson Brothers Friendly Village Set
  • Pfaltzgraff Evergreen Ernie Set

This article will be your guide to selecting the best festive microwave-safe plates, as I’ll review each set, describe the materials and usages, and discuss how many pieces are in each. Let’s get started!

The Top 10 Microwave-Safe Plate Sets for the Holidays

Lenox Balsam Lane 4-Piece Dinner Plate Set

If you’re a holiday décor collector, then you likely already have a few pricey Lenox pieces that you display around this time of year. Augment your collection with a plate set by Lenox called Balsam LaneOpens in a new tab..

This Amazon’s Choice dinner plate set includes four plates, each measuring 10.5 inches. Porcelain-crafted, the mostly white plates feature small trees on either edge of the plate. The little gold decorative stars are made of real 24k gold!

Not only can you put these gorgeous plates in the microwave, but you can then clean them in the dishwasher too. Lenox also has a Lenox Replacement Promise that ought to give you better peace of mind when making your purchase. 

Bico Toile de Jouy Winter Wonderland Ceramics 12-Piece Dinnerware Set

How about a plate set that can become a precious family heirloom? Bico’s Toile de Jouy Winter Wonderland plate setOpens in a new tab. includes 12 pieces so you have enough dinnerware to feed your whole family.

No, not all 12 pieces are plates. You receive four salad bowls (25 ounces), four salad plates (8.75 inches), and four dinner plates (11 inches). Your family will marvel at the matching set. 

Each piece of dinnerware features a gorgeous winter scene in maroon coloring, including details such as small homes in a village, snowcapped trees, people on a carriage, and kids rolling snowballs or ice skating. 

The idyllic wintertime imagery will hold up in the microwave no problem. This ceramic dinnerware set is also dishwasher-safe.

It’s also worth pointing out that Bico promises no cadmium or lead in their plates and bowls! 

Piatti Naturali Christmas Pattern Ceramics 6-Piece Plate Set

For those who like to show off their holiday pride loud and proud, Piatti Naturali’s six-piece plate setOpens in a new tab. will put a megawatt smile on your face.

Each of the six plates in this set screams holiday. Some of the plates are accented with a bright red border around green stars on a white background. Others have green snowflakes and red stars. More still feature a red and white snowflake pattern with a vivid green border.

The ceramic plates are technically luncheon plates, but I won’t tell if you use them for serving that big holiday dinner. The plates measure 8.3 inches apiece, so they’re a little smaller than some of the plates I’ve talked about, hence why they qualify as luncheon plates.

Made of ceramic for great shine and easily stackable, you’ll love having these microwave-safe plates in your collection. They’re dishwasher-safe as well, so no wonder they’re an Amazon’s Choice product!  

Bico Nordic Village 4-Piece Plate Set

I couldn’t resist sharing this Bico Nordic Village four-piece plate setOpens in a new tab., and you might not be able to resist buying them.

These plates are larger, 11 inches apiece, making them perfect for serving your main course, side dishes, salads, pasta, or whatever’s on your holiday menu. Plus, you already know they can heat up in the microwave without damage (and clean in the dishwasher!).

The Nordic Village plates display a snowy little village that looks to be painted in watercolors. The heartwarming feel you’ll experience each time you pull out these plates will make you wish it was the holidays every day.

Bico adds a glossy finish to each ceramic plate so it shines even more appealingly. 

Lenox Balsam Lane 4-Piece Tidbit Plate Set

If you already bought the Lenox Balsam Lane dinnerware set I recommended earlier, then these plates are a must-have as well. They’re a tidbit plate setOpens in a new tab.!

Tidbits plates are smaller accent plates that complete your main set of plates. In this set are four tidbit plates made of porcelain that are both microwave and dishwasher-safe. 

The tidbit plates have slightly different artwork as the above Lenox set. The same trees from the Balsam Lane set are back, but this time against a wintry scene displaying a cabin. Some of the trees are decorated for the holidays with red ornaments and a star. There’s even a bird in another snowy tree!

Pfaltzgraff Winterberry 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

A premier name in dinnerware, the Pfaltzgraff Winterberry dinnerware setOpens in a new tab. could be just what you’re looking for this holiday season.

This is a massive set with 16 pieces in all, including more than just plates. You get four mugs, four cereal or soup bowls, four salad plates, and four dinner plates. Pfaltzgraff says there’s enough in their dinnerware set for full service of four.

Oh, and did I mention that each piece can safely go in the microwave?

That’s right, from dishes to mugs, reheat last night’s turkey or eggnog to your heart’s content because the Pfaltzgraff Winterberry 16-Piece Dinnerware Set is microwave safe. 

The design of the dinnerware is sure to win you over, especially the plates. They’re made of stoneware and are white throughout with dark green trim. Bordering the plates are sprigs of holly leaves and berries. Some portions of the plate are even raised.

When you’re done, you can safely stash each piece in the 16-piece set in the dishwasher. Handwashing is an option too, of course!  

Gibson Home Christmas Toile 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Wow your guests when you serve them food on the Gibson Home Christmas Toile platesOpens in a new tab. and other dinnerware. This too is part of a 16-piece set that’s also an Amazon’s Choice recommendation. 

So what’s in your box? You’ll receive four mugs (11 ounces), four soup plates (8 inches), four dessert plates (7.5 inches), and four sizable dinner plates (10.5 inches). 

The microwave and dishwasher-safe porcelain dinnerware is highly detailed. Although the illustrations vary from piece to piece in the set, the artwork features snowy village scenes at Christmas, complete with horse-drawn carriages, decorated homes, and huge trees. 

Each piece in the set has a gorgeous double border, with one row of the border featuring pine tree leaves while the second border is a simple design in brown. 

American Atelier Holiday 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

The American Atelier Holiday dinnerware setOpens in a new tab. will charm you with its festive spirit, plus, the number of pieces in this set is not bad at all.

Each piece is made of toughened stoneware, with four mugs, four bowls, four salad plates, and four dinner plates included with your purchase. 

There’s a different design on each piece, which makes beholding them truly wonderful this time of the year. 

The dinner plates feature a border that looks like peppermint with thick strips of red and thinner stripes of green.

The salad plates are white with a red border. In the center reads “peace,” with the A stylized as a fully decorated Christmas tree. The other letters are in the same forest green color and feature strings of lights, bows, and ornaments as garnish.

The bowls have small holiday emblems around, including candy canes, decorated Christmas trees, and wrapped presents. 

The mugs read out words like Noel, peace, or joy, but with Christmas emblems replacing some of the letters.

For example, the O in “joy” is a multi colored ornament while the O in “noel” is a wrapped gift.

Since the pieces are safe in both the dishwasher and the microwave, they shouldn’t lose their color or luster over time. 

Johnson Brothers Friendly Village 5-Piece Dinnerware Set

At first glance, you won’t believe this Johnson Brothers Friendly Village setOpens in a new tab. can safely go in the microwave, but I assure you, it can. 

The five pieces are ideal for a small holiday meal, as you’ll receive four saucers, four teacups, four cereal or soup bowls (6 inches), four salad plates (8 inches), and four dinner plates (10 inches). 

Featuring illustrations of the Johnson Brothers’ beloved village scenes, the stoneware plates and other dinnerware also boast scalloped edges for a delicate look that belies the set’s durability. 

Pfaltzgraff Evergreen Ernie 16-Piece Dinnerware Set

Last but certainly not least is another microwave-safe holiday plate set from Pfaltzgraff, their Evergreen Ernie dinnerwareOpens in a new tab..

Pfaltzgraff includes 16 pieces in all: four coffee mugs (10 ounces), four soup bowls (26 ounces and 6 inches), four salad plates (8 ¼ inches), and four dinner plates (11 inches).

The mugs, bowls, and dinner plates are blue with a white snowflake pattern while the four salad plates feature a unique snowman design on each one. 

These porcelain plates (which are also dishwasher-safe) are so darling that you’ll want to use them all winter long. Since they’re not overtly holiday-themed, you can!  

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